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Dear Friends!

The purpose of our team and specifically this website is, together with promotion of the beautiful objects of Uzbek arts and crafts in the market, bringing closer to you, our esteemed audience, the history of craftsmanship and the history of the land it came from. So here we go.

According to archeological artifacts and documents the history of modern Uzbekistan goes back to nearly three thousand years and it was rich with ups and downs, conquests and turmoils. Such a rich history has eventually enriched the culture of the country, as well as the culture of other brotherly countries located in Central Asia. It has been largely influenced by the ancient Persians, Greeks, nomadic Turkic tribes, Arabs, Chinese and Russians. The medieval Great Silk Road, the main overland trade route connecting Asia with Europe, has also made its tremendous contribution in forming of Uzbek cultural background.

Traditional Uzbek music, dance and literature are certainly pride of the nation but there is one more cultural aspect of pride of Uzbeks and it is applied arts and crafts.

To name a few they encompass such articles as:

Ceramics and porcelain – with workshops all over the country from Fergana valley in the east

to Khorezm region in the west traditional ceramics are one of the most ancient articles of

applied arts.

Silk apparel ( Khan Atlas) – the uniqueness of the article is that not only is the whole

process of production 100% manual with no machine involved, just as it was made the

centuries ago, but all the material used is also 100% natural even the dye is made of natural


Laukh –  a true masterpiece of Uzbek craftsmanship. Laukh is for wood carved book stand

ornamented with traditional themes of folklore. As these book stands are foldable some most

complicated ones can be of twelve level range.